Stand At Attention

"What a fantastic publication you are for giving a regular gal like me a platform to show myself. Thanks for doing what you guys do!" Cherry said. "I hope that seeing a military-style layout will be a real treat for the voluptuous-lovin' service men out there." Now here's a group of highly classified photos that have been passed around military bases all over the world since it came out. If anything could increase enlistments, it's this pictorial from the opener of the DVD Ultimate Cherry. A soldier's busty wet dream, Commander Cherry has issued her orders and they need to be followed or it's no TV and no dinner. One of her most important directives is for us to pull our flag poles out of our fatigues so she can inspect them. That means you may have to stand at attention like that for quite some time until she's satisfied with the way each and every one of you hoist your flags. Good luck, men.
Featuring: Cherry Brady
Date: December 12th, 2023
Photos: 55

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