Take On The Maintenance Man

Brandy Talore - XXX Big Tits video
Cherry and new bosom buddy Brandy Talore (they co-starred in the DVD Busty Ladies of Oil Wrestling) are hanging out at The Score Group when Cherry realizes that they need a maintenance man. And by maintenance man they mean that they need someone who can maintain a big, fat hard-on long enough to satisfy the both of them. That shouldn't be too difficult because you'd have to be dead not to be hard when brandy and Cherry are flashing their tits at you. What ensue are Cherry's first video threesome and one the most-impressive displays of tit-sex ever seen. Enjoy.

Member Comments

I'm standing watching you two girls while I'm complete naked with my big 10" long penis big hard knob dripping pre-cum gets very hard-on very quickly love your huge saggy boobs...

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