About Cherry Brady

Measurements 41-28-39
Bra Size 36-G
Height 5' 3"
Weight 150 lbs.
Birthday December 25th

Imagine this situation: You're a very lucky man who happens to have a wife who's built like a brick shithouse. She is one hell of a woman sporting an hourglass figure, ultra-curvy body, 41-inch chest, 28-inch waist and 39-inch hips. Yeah, that's right, 41-28-29. She's a voluptuous dream with all natural, G-cup tits.

Sounds good so far, doesn't it? But it gets better. You're a reader of Voluptuous magazine and a member of Scoreland. And when you say to her, "Honey, you could be in this magazine," she doesn't laugh. She doesn't ask you what you're doing reading a magazine like V-Mag. She actually considers the idea...and then sends her photos to the mag for evaluation.

Then, when she starts shooting for the magazine and becomes one of the most-popular naturals ever, she decides to do her first XXX hardcore video with you! And she even takes it up the ass! Is this too good to be true? An impossible fairy tale that is all legend and myth and has not one iota of reality to it? Nope, cause it really happened. It's the story of Cherry Brady, the walking, talking, fucking epitome of the V-Girl. "The Ultimate V-Girl Is Here" shouted the cover headline when Cherry debuted in the February '03 issue of V-Mag. She hasn't let us down since and we've been hard ever since.

"For a long time, I thought I was a little fat," said this real-life secretary from Southern California. "I have a certain type of body. And it wasn't until I looked at V-Mag that I was able to say, 'Those are beautiful women. Those are real women. I like that she has a soft body.' Now I look at myself in the same way. That's the way I am. I guess I came to terms with my body and how it's shaped." We came to terms with Cherry's body the second we laid eyes on it.

You see Cherry is more than a girl with a great body. She's sexy, and she knows it. She dresses sexy, almost without trying. The simplest piece of clothing looks amazing on her curvy body. She has a brain (she wrote the script for her second hardcore DVD, Ultimate Cherry, in which she takes it up the ass again and shares a cock with her bosom buddy, Brandy Talore). She has a sense of humor, and she's leading the fight to wipe out breast reductions in our lifetime.

That's our kind of girl! What else do you need to know about Cherry? Well, she likes riding dirt bikes and is the proud owner of a concealed weapons permit. Her dream car would be the Brady Bunch's station wagon. Her sexual fantasy is to get gangbanged by a boatload of sailors. She has some other fantasies, too. Like sucking the plumber's cock. Like getting hired at a poker party to suck dick under the table. Like wearing a short skirt and no panties every day in college so she can earn her grades after class. Like greeting her boss on her knees every morning to give him his morning suck. The list goes on and on. Just like our never-ending admiration for Cherry. Just like our admiration for Cherry. It's never-ending.